GPT-3 and synthetic media | The future of digital and automation

GPT-3 is trending, especially now that Open AI has removed the waiting list and everyone has access to their API. Open AI’s GPT-3 is an autoregressive language model with 175 billion parameters that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. The model enables developers to build tools that understand human-like input and produce human-like output.  […]

7 Snapshots from Salesforce Dreamforce

From the first glimpse of the Dreamforest to the applause closing at the last day’s final session, Salesforce once again made Dreamforce a true experience. It is impossible to tell everything, so here are seven snapshots to remember Dreamforce ’19 by.

Human After All

Hier soir, je profitais de la belle initiative de Christopher Nolan d’avoir restauré 2001. Ce film sorti l’année où je suis né reste hypnotique et fascinant et posait déjà des débats qui nous agitent encore aujourd’hui. Notamment celui de notre rapport avec les machines intelligentes. Il y en a toujours qui en sont à pronostiquer […]

Fresh Ideas at Digital First

Digital First 2017 in Brussels was once more the place to be for many professionals. Its speaker programme was stacked with experts highlighting the multiple facets of this diamond called digital. A fine moment to see what’s what in innovation, digital marketing and automation, cloud, e-commerce… Let’s zoom in on Google’s view on digital transformation, […]

Key takeaways from Google I/O 2021

The conference started with a performance from the amazing Tune-Yards alongside the AI-powered choir Blob Opera. The rest of Google I/O 2021 focused on AI, CSR, AR features and commerce. We’ll go through all the key takeaways and features to come in the following weeks and months. Real-time AR navigation via Google Maps A big part of […]

Does work have a future?

“Workers of the world…” Will this classic opening of Marxist-inspired political discourses soon be obsolete? Whatever the politics, the facts are there: rampant robotisation and advances in artificial intelligence have already begun to shake up the way we think about work. It won’t be long before this transformation will have progressed so far that the need to fundamentally reinvent our relationship to employment will be inevitable. So what is the future of work? Let’s start by asking ourselves if “work” has a future at all…

Quel impact de l’intelligence artificielle sur le commerce online ?

Cela ne vous aura pas échappé, l’intelligence artificielle est partout et assez souvent présentée comme une menace, voire, à l’origine de nombreux scénarios catastrophes. C’est oublier un peu vite que l’IA est avant tout un outil au service de problématiques bien humaines. Et parmi celle-ci, le commerce. Le commerce a muté, ses méthodes avec, 7% […]

AI Boosts Better User Experiences

Emakina Group CEO Brice Le Blévennec shares some ideas on the impact of AI. We live in a world where idiocracy seems unstoppable. It is on a conquest of the minds and hearts of people, frightened by just about everything and its opposite. At the same time, artificial intelligence keeps on progressing, entirely unconcerned about […]