October 31, 2014

Emakina unveils new Brand Experience Platform

Posted by Luc Malcorps

Digital transformation agency Emakina.FR this week introduced its brand new Brand Experience Platform©. This is an efficient brand management methodology for mapping selected brands active in a specific sector. To launch the platform, a first full market analysis was presented in Paris, the Brand Experience Score© of the top cosmetics brands in France.


The presentation for marketers and reporters took place at the famous Molitor swimming pool venue. The right place at the right time, you could say, since the tool allows you to truly dive deep into the value of brands swimming in the same ‘pool’.

The guests discovered the index score of 15 leading cosmetics and facial care brands, based on research on 3.000 French women. Dior, Chanel and Lancôme were confirmed as brand experience leaders, with Yves Rocher and L’Occitane in pursuit.


Emakina revealed the results of the first wave of its Brand Experience Score©, as applied to the cosmetics and facial care market. The development and implementation of the methodology is the result of two years of research and development. The complex index blends the projected experience (views), the lived experience (reality) and the shared one (reputation).

The Brand Experience Platform© creates the opportunity for brands to manage and control their communications and marketing actions more closely. A more than welcome tool, taking into account that more than 80% of the French rely on the experience they and their families have to decide on new purchases.
This was one of the results of a survey executed by the Odoxa Institute and Emakina, published in Le Parisien in France on 21 October 2014.

According to the cosmetics/ facial care study (you can download an extract here) the projected experience remains important (44%), yet almost 56% of the customer experience is determined by the lived and shared experience.


Dior, Chanel and Lancôme are in the top three in the ranking, as a result of their reflex as luxury brands and their orchestration skills in their overall communication. L’Occitane and Yves Rocher are the biggest surprises of the ranking, occupying 4th and 5th place, thanks to their coordination of communication, merchandising and in-store digital strategy.

We have entered a new era,
the era of experiences.

Manuel Diaz, president of Emakina.FR said: “We have entered a new era, the era of experiences. To stand out and attract the attention of the consumer, brands today must offer unique experiences. Brands that truly understand they will be judged on their experience/price ratio rather than their quality/price balance will be the winners of tomorrow. ”

To learn more about our vision and method, please visit the dedicated (French) mini-site: http://www.brandexperienceplatform.fr/. You can also see the results of the cosmetic study by downloading a free sample (in French) here.

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