December 10, 2010

Emakina launches ‘Schweppesonality’ campaign

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Brice Le Blévennec

End 2009, Emakina is asked to revitalise the Schweppes brand. Within the perspective of this global rebranding campaign, the ‘digital native agency’ chose to install viral marketing mechanisms in order to support the activation campaign.

The launching campaign honours the fans of the brand, surprising personalities, enthusiastic and self-assured. In one word: Schweppesonalities.

An interactive video, linked to their Facebook account, invites them to become part of a unique experience: step into the shoes of a real star during an exclusive photo shoot and make the cover a famous glossy.

The experience starts at the headquarters of the ‘Schweppesonality magazine’, where the visitor is shown the way by the editor in chief herself. By using the most innovative integration techniques, the visitor immediately dives into the adventure and is guided along the different steps in the creation of the magazine’s next edition. At the end, the visitor gets a hold of the new edition… with his photo on the cover and featuring a giant billboard campaign throughout New York!

The next step is a big European contest where the visitor can post his personalized cover on Facebook and Twitter. The Schweppesonality that collects the most ‘likes’ wins an iPad or a cocktail mixing kits.

The campaign is launched in 12 European countries and is to be experienced on

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