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August 23, 2011

Emakina supports the Sida SOS Aids association

Posted by Luc Malcorps

Emakina organised an original staff event at the Apéros de Saint Gilles.
The social meeting combined a fun get together with a positive AIDS awareness action.

Emakina’s agency developed several actions for the Sida SOS association ( This organization  tries to create awareness amongst young people about aids. So the drink was a good opportunity to give the campaign a symbolic ‘thumbs up’.



A 1 euro coin is the symbolic element of the campaign. It wants to encourage young people to be screened for aids. At the drink, each participant received a 1 euro coin to pay for their drink.  As this coin then  travels from hand to hand, it touches all. This symbolizes the fact that we can all be infected by aids without knowing it.

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